10 Jun 2024

CFF Communications – Behind the Scenes #17

Dear all,

As we turn the page on 2023, we take a moment to look back at the milestones that have shaped our journey throughout the year.

For us, 2023 was characterised by public-private transactions and a growing demand from customers to receive guidance on the political uncertainty in the Netherlands. We also welcomed a wave of new communication talents to our team and celebrated our 30th anniversary milestone. For more than three decades, we’ve helped our clients to weather their various highs and lows, emerging stronger every time.

In our last update, we touched on some exciting projects, from our advisory role in the public offerings of esteemed companies like Beter Bed and Ordina to our engaging roundtable discussions on nuclear energy with Korea Hydro & Nuclear. Not to mention the exciting introduction of the Austrian brand Woom to the Netherlands – a true testament to our local experience, broad communications background and international reach.

In this update, you will read more about…

Euronext’s new pre-IPO programme in 2024

The sparkling communications stars in our team 

Guiding market communications during cyber attacks

The new CSRD directive

The successful completion of The Ocean Cleanup’s test system

We wish you a fantastic holiday season and an exhilarating start to the upcoming year. We’re genuinely excited to continue supporting you.

Consider 2023 the warm-up. See you in 2024!

Warm regards,

The CFF Communications Team