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From Investor Relations to Investor Engagement….

by Uneke Dekkers

Since the financial crisis ten years ago, passive or index investing has grown in popularity. Although the European market for ETFs still lags behind the US, assets in European-listed ETFs reached more than $800 billion in 2017, according to data provider ETFGI.

The reasons for this growing popularity are well-publicized: fees are lower and active managers often fail to beat their benchmarks in any given year, let alone three to five years in a row.

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On September 8, The Ocean Cleanup launches System 001!

“If you’re going to San Francisco…”

Five years ago, a 19-year-old entered our office on the outskirts of Amsterdam with some big ideas. What began as a profile paper, took shape as a TEDx Talk, and then developed into a fully-fledged business plan, all before winter ended in 2013. Boyan Slat’s plan inspired us – but it still lacked the public attention needed to ensure its success. At the beginning of 2014, The Ocean Cleanup is no more than a website stating that media requests would not be discussed until the results of a feasibility study were available. But for those closer to the project, a great story was looking to set the right tone.

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CFF Communications – Behind the Scenes #6

That was quite a half year!

Looming trade conflicts between the United States and other parts of the world dominated the headlines. Het Financieele Dagblad reported, however, that analysts believe the impact on H1 results for Dutch corporates will be minimal. Analysts are reportedly more concerned about the impact of currency effects and higher oil prices in the first half of 2018.

At CFF, we worked on great projects including the launch of Frasers Property Europe and the IPOs of NIBC and B&S. In this blog, we walk you through the highlights and tell you everything about the ever-growing importance of PR measurement and reputation management.

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ING Group, a.s.r. and ForFarmers winners at Dutch IR Awards 2018

Amsterdam, 12 January 2018 – The Netherlands Association for Investor Relations (NEVIR) last night announced the winners of the 2018 Dutch IR Awards. For the eleventh consecutive year, these awards were presented to Dutch listed companies and professionals that excel in Investor Relations. During the annual evening gala, awards were given in the categories ‘Best Company in the Field of Investor Relations’ and ‘Best IR Professional’.

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CFF Communications – Behind the Scenes #5

A new name, a New Year, a new overview with the latest news and client cases. Welcome to 2018!


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Citigate First Financial changes name to CFF Communications

Amsterdam, 5 October 2017 - Today, communications agency Citigate First Financial changes its name to CFF Communications. The name change coincides with the firm’s celebration of its 25th anniversary and reflects the broadening of its services in recent years. CFF Communications began 25 years ago as an agency for financial communications and investor relations. Today’s CFF Communications provides its clients with support across the full spectrum of corporate communications.

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Citigate First Financial – Behind the Scenes #4

In the past half year, we have worked on great projects for clients including Coca-Cola European Partners, Hudson’s Bay Company and NN Group.

We also supported The Ocean Cleanup with a new technological milestone: founder and CEO Boyan Slat presented an improved design and concept of his project that will allow him to start the actual extraction of plastics from the oceans two years earlier than planned. Great work by Boyan and his team!

And we are very happy to welcome four talented communications specialists (press release) to our team: Janneke Dijkstra, Peter Roggeband, Rick van Holst Pellekaan and Teun Verhagen.

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Citigate First Financial supports The Ocean Cleanup with the announcement of a technological milestone

On 11 May, Boyan Slat, founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, revealed to the world an improved design and concept of his project that will allow him to start the actual extraction of plastics from the oceans two years earlier than planned. As a proud supporter of The Ocean Cleanup, we managed media relations and public relations running up to and during the event, just as we have done for previous milestones.

After some years of testing and researching, Boyan and his team substantially improved the technology. This will result in a more efficient cleanup that can start much earlier than anticipated. According to current plans, a large-scale pilot will be launched off the US West Coast before the end of the year.

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General elections in the Netherlands – what you need to know

On their front-pages, the Dutch newspapers have reported extensively on the general elections in the Netherlands. On Wednesday, the Netherlands went to the polls for a much-anticipated general election and for the two ruling parties, voters had widely varying messages. VVD, the liberal party led by Mark Rutte, remained the largest party in Parliament with 33 preliminary seats (not all votes have been counted yet).

This means the Prime Minister will most likely hold on to his position. Labor party PvdA, currently part of the Dutch government, and led by Lodewijk Asscher, lost a large part of its electorate and went from 38 to 9 seats. The results are explained by most media as Mark Rutte’s victory over populism.

The much-talked about anti-immigration party PVV of Geert Wilders gained seats compared to 2012, however, with 20 seats, the party was expected to win more. 

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Citigate First Financial – Behind the Scenes #3

Having wished everyone a happy and healthy 2017, we are pleased to look back at an eventful 2016. In the last months, we have welcomed five new colleagues, worked on a series of interesting projects, including the introduction of the revised Corporate Governance Code, and expanded our media intelligence offering. 

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