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Social initiatives

CFF Communications supports various smaller social initiatives on an ad hoc basis. On a structural basis, we are proud to be partners with The Ocean Cleanup.

Each year, we support the KinderBeestFeest (ChildAnimalParty) Foundation, which organises an annual invitation-only party for chronically ill and/or handicapped children. For the event, some 1,500 volunteers get together to organise a trip for the children to Amsterdam’s Artis Zoo in a festive parade of more than 400 fire engines, police cars and ambulances.  CFF Communications supports the foundation by generating publicity around the event. For more information click here.

As partner and fan of The Ocean Cleanup (TOC), CFF Communications provides TOC with pro bono advice on its media strategy and supports the foundation by generating media attention for its activities. For more information click here.

The Ocean Cleanup Foundation

The Ocean Cleanup Foundation

The clean-up of the world’s oceans, polluted with millions of tons of plastic, has long been deemed impossible. The Ocean Cleanup (TOC), with young Dutchman Boyan Slat as its founder, is working on an inventive system to deal with the removal of the so-called plastic soup from the world’s oceans since 2013. Making clever use of natural ocean currents and winds, the plastic is collected by an installation consisting of two giant floating arms. These installations could help us to remove tonnes of plastic soup from the world’s oceans.
TOC is garnering a lot of attention from across the world. TOC has completed the construction and testing phase of System 001 successfully and is now ready to start the ocean cleanup in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch after a final test round. 

CFF Communications advises TOC on its media strategy and supports the foundation by generating free publicity. You can find more information about the The Ocean Cleanup Foundation here.

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